Reusable Nursing Pads - Why they're better than disposables

When I had my baby girl back in 2014, I made a decision to give breastfeeding a go. I didn't really know what to expect and I read so many different stories and experiences from other mums around the world. I remember reading that I would need nursing pads, so along with all the other essential items, I made sure I bought some from the local baby store when I was out shopping for our impending bundle of joy!

I picked up some disposable nursing pads which did the job, but after a week or so, I noticed that they started to make me quite hot and bothered, but I initially put this down to having just given birth and my hormones were all over the place. I also have quite sensitive skin and had developed a reaction to the tape used on my tummy during my emergency c-section, but then a week later, here I was with another rash developing all over my chest.

So all in all, after having a beautiful baby girl, my body felt like it was a bit under attack. Whilst my midwife helped me through the crappier side to breastfeeding (ladies check out low level laser therapy, so good!), I put up with these itchy disposable pads, which you have to wear, every day and night.

I then discovered a well known baby brand's reusable cotton pads which were great, but they felt somewhat rigid and uncomfortable in my bra, so they lasted about 3 days. So for the remaining 7 months I just made do with the disposables. I wasn't happy about it, but I was ignorant to other options. But it didn't really sit right with me adding more to landfill, but I thought, needs must.

I then got pregnant again in 2018, and since 2014, I had built up a handmade children's decor business and was very active on facebook, instagram and a few mums groups. So it was to my great delight when I discovered handmade reusable nursing pads! The designs on these things were beautiful! I was reading the information on them and they were made from cotton and bamboo fleece, and waterproof material in the middle. I thought, lets give these a go, the fabrics are known for being breathable and soft, and therefore kind to your skin.

Reusable Nursing Pads by Miss Mae Studio

I ordered some from Miss Mae Studio and fell in love with them instantly! They never irritated my skin at all, and were so soft and comfortable to wear, and cost me less than $50 for 5 reusable pairs. Much less than the estimated $150-$200 I'd spent in 2014 on disposables. I think they cost about $10 a box and only lasted about 2-3wks, sometimes less if they folded back on themselves and became useless.

The Miss Mae Studio designs were beautiful, which made me feel happier and a little more put together, as most days I lived in baggy spew covered black t-shirts and leggings (the joys of a reflux baby). And I had become more environmentally aware so these were perfect. Also, they are made in Australia by another mum which ticks so many boxes for me!

Daisy Floral Reusable Nursing Pads Little Bambino Bear

So when I returned to work in February 2019, I decided to expand my product range, and Miss Mae Studio was one of the first brands I contacted! I really believe in her products as I have personally used them. 

So if you’re pregnant and considering breastfeeding, or have just started your breastfeeding journey, check out our beautiful range from Miss Mae Studio on our online store that are ready to ship!

 Lori x


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